Open Practice 11.11.18 at 8am PT (NV) 9am MST (AZ)

We will be open this coming-up weekend November 11th at 8am for you in Pacific time zone which is 9am Arizona Mountain Standard time now that we’ve had daylight savings time change.

Open Practice 8am-1pm PT on November 11, 2018

The open tracks we will announce once they are prepped and the kids tracks will be open. So keep checking into Instagram and Facebook for updates.

$30 per rider $5 for spectators

Come on out for the dirt!

Open Practice 11.17.18 Saturday 8am PT

We will be open this Saturday 11-17-18 8am to 1pm NV time, 9am to 2pm AZ time. For #motocross #motorcycle practice. The Instagram video shows @jwall907 on the #4stroke and @394beadle on the 125 #2stroke #jumping the same obstacle as the last post. In no way do we recommend #riders trying this if you are not willing to accept the possible consequences as this was not built with the intentions of it being a double and it is not a faster #race line.

Open Practice 11.11.18 8am-1pm PT

We will be open sunday 11-11-18, Nevada time 8am to 1pm, — Arizona time 9am to 2pm. #motocross #motorcycle practice on the intermediate #track , Vet and kids #tracks only. The Main track will NOT be open for practice. $30 for #riders, $5 #spectators.

Open Practice 10/28 8am-1pm

– We will be open this Sunday 10-28-18 for open #motocross #motorcycle practice 8am to 1pm on the intermediate #track, kids #tracks. $30 #riders $5 #spectators —– —–

@jakeweimer12 training camp has a new price and you will have the choice of taking a one day class or two at $200 per day! Go to his website and get all of the info you will need. He will be working on all aspects of efficiently #riding and #racing a #motorcycle @pulpmx Steve Matthes will be involved as well.


Open Practice Saturday 10-13-18 and this Sunday 10-14-18. 8am to 1pm

We will be open this Saturday 10-13-18 and this Sunday 10-14-18. 8am to 1pm for #motocross #motorcycle practice both days *** Saturday the intermediate #track, vet and kids track will be open *** Sunday the Main, vet and kids #tracks will be open. Please note which tracks will be open on each day. $30 #riders $5 #spectators . —–There is a lot going on this weekend with Friday night live #broadcast of the @pulpmxshow at The Space in #lasvegas 6pm to 730pm, #supercross #monsterenergycup Saturday night and the #aimexpo2018 all weekend. Go support any and all of the above and get a little #riding

Open Practice Sat. 10/6 @ 8am-1pm

westernraceway@westernraceway will have open #motocross#practice on the VET #track, intermediate track and kids track will be open Saturday 10-6-18 ***note the time and price *** 8am to 1pm $30. Per #rider $5 spectators Thank you to all of the #racers who came out and #raced#motocross last Saturday. For the #motosWe dropped the starting gate 28 times. 86 Hamburgers and 48 hotdogs were eaten. At 12:48pm our last #racer crossed the #finishline and everyone was headed home just after 1pm! We accomplish our goal! Thank you #americanmotocross racers who participate at local tracks, go team #usa at the #motocrossdesnations !!


Important information concerning our upcoming race on September 29th, 2018 is listed below.  Please read it carefully and bring all safety gear, waiver forms, and any registration forms you will need with you to save time on race-day!!!

DATE:  Saturday September 29th End of Summer BBQ and RACE

TIME: 7:00AM registration begins  7:30AM Riders Meeting  7:45AM Bike Practice (8 minutes)  Mini bikes will practice after the last big bike is off the track.  Race begin immediately following practice!

PRICE: Gate Fee $10 per person

50CC True Beginners $25 Race Fee

All other classes $35 First Class $10 each additional class (Two Moto Format)

WAIVERS: Release waivers must be signed upon entering Western Raceway and for each rider registering for races.  NOTE: Minors must be accompanied by guardian who will sign release waiver for them.  Or an unaccompanied Minor must bring the signed and notarized release form.  All forms can be printed off our website from the forms section found in the Menu.