Welcome to Western Raceway

I’d like to welcome everyone to Western Raceway Motorsports Ranch. We are conveniently located 30 miles from the Hoover Dam between Las Vegas, Nevada and Kingman, Arizona, just 2  miles off Highway US-93.

It started out with a blank 80 acre bare piece of property. Over the last year or so, with the help of many, this blank slate has turned into 4 tracks…. So far!
We currently have a Main MX track, Vet track, Pee Wee track, and a SXS track!!

We have worked tirelessly on building our tracks the right way…..safe, fun and exciting for all ages and skill level riders.

Our dirt has been dug deep and transformed into great dirt for traction.

We are working towards being the biggest and best facility for everything motorsports.

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