Open Practice

All #motocross #tracks are open Saturday 2-1-20, 9am to 2pm NV time and 10am to 3pm AZ time $30 riders and $5 spectators cash only. * we have a new #supercrossfutures track. The goal of this track is to provide a place for those who want to learn and practice #supercross while reducing the risk of injury. For the safety of our riders there will be some requirements to ride on this track. There are several ways to qualify your self. 1)You must be able to prove you have raced supercross futures already and have had a podium (top 3) in your class and had a minimum of 10 riders in your class. 2) you can take a training class with a qualified instructor on this track. 3) you have a pro license for SX. The cost to ride the SX track is a total of $50. ( $30 for regular practice and an extra $20 for sx track). The track layout is set up to be expanded for now it is fairly short but offers the ability to train and practice your timing. This Saturday Justin Buckelew will be holding a class!
“Lots of training this weekend at Western Raceway! SX Futures training on the new Supercross track Saturday 11am-2pm (AZ time) cost of training is $120 (plus $50 track fee). Learn body positioning and techniques for doubles, Rhythm sections, bowl turns, and of course SX Whoops! Class is limited to 8 riders to insure individual instruction.
Sunday MX training 9am-1pm Learn better techniques, body positioning, and line choice on Westerns Mx track! Cost of training is $150 (plus $30 track fee) track will be Private for this class!
Contact former Professional Supercross and Motocross racer and full time riding coach Justin Buckelew at 623-694-0265 or visit “
Picture taken by @chad.roz who built the track.