Open Practice 6/30 @7am

– #motocross #motorcycle practice on the Summer layout, Vet and kids #tracks this Sunday 6-30-19 **7am to 12noon ** $30 #riders $5 spectators. Cash only. Please stay hydrated if you come out to ride.

Open Practice 6/23 @7am

#motocross #motorcycle practice this SUNDAY 6-23-19 ***7 am to 12 Noon *** on the vet track, kids track and summer track. $30 #riders , $5 spectators. The weather prediction for sunday looks good!

Good luck to everyone #racing in #mammoth this weekend! Picture was taken by @

Open Practice 7AM

– Please note the times ***7 AM to 12 PM ***

Open #motocross practice Saturday 6-15-19 7am to 12noon on the summer track layout, vet and kids tracks. $30 #riders and $5 spectators.

Open Practice

Repost from @westernraceway using @RepostRegramApp – Open #motocross practice Saturday 8am to 1pm on the “summer” track layout, vet and kids #tracks $30 #riders, $5 spectators. Weather report looks good! Picture is of @motoxgirl_11Open #motocross practice Saturday 8am to 1pm on the “summer” track layout, vet and kids #tracks $30 #riders, $5 spectators. Weather report looks good! Picture is of @motoxgirl_11

This Weekend 6/1-6/2

– The summer track layout, Vet and kids #tracks will be open this Saturday 6-1-19, 8am to 1pm. $30 #riders $5 spectators cash only. *** Sunday 6-2-19 we will have a #motocross school with Justin Buckelew @buckelewmotocrosscoach *** Last time he came out the class filled up fast, spaces are limited. PLEASE NOTE We will not be open sunday for regular practice and you must be enrolled in the class to ride that day.

All of the pictures we taken by @goodartphotos

Open Practice 5/25 @ 8am-1pm

– The New track, Vet and Kids #tracks are open for #motorcycle #motocross practice this Saturday 5-25-19. 8am to 1pm. $30 #riders $5 spectators . Picture is of @tj_681 jumping one of the new obstacles on the new layout.

Open Practice 5/18

– We are open this Saturday 5-18-19 8am to 1pm. Kids , vet and the new summer track layout ( a combination of the intermediate and main track) will be open. $30. #riders and $5 spectators. Please roll the first few laps of the new track and don’t ride above your own abilities please!! Thank you for the riders who came out today to help ride in and make suggestions for some changes. Pictures were from this morning. We had riders from all different skill levels and they all had positive feedback.

Open Practice 5/11

We will be open this Saturday 5-11-19 ( ** please note the times**) 10AM to 2PM. To allow us to put down sufficient water before we open. The weather is supposed to be 66 degrees and 4 to 6 mile and hour winds. This will be our last day running all of the tracks before we go to a summer schedule and a different lay out.

Pictures are from @buckelewmotocrosscoach class last Saturday. We are talking doing these classes more often in the future. @ Western Raceway

Ride School – No Open Practice 5/4

– We have changed our open practice that was scheduled for may 4th to a private riding school day instead. We had a large number of people say they were going to the SX Pro race Saturday and or racing #supercross futures sunday. So we will not have regular open practice this weekend. If you would like a day of instruction and last minute race preparation sign up for this class. Spaces are limited.

Open Practice

– Open #motocross practice for #motorcycles on all tracks, Saturday 4-27-19, 8am to 1pm $30 #riders and $5 spectators. We will also be open Saturday May 4th **7am to 12noon** . We will not be open the next two Sunday’s.