Open Practice Sunday 12-30 8am

All #tracks will be open next Sunday 12-30-18 8am to 1pm NV time and 9am to 2pm AZ time.

Pictures were taken by @goodartphotos showing just some of the talented #future of the #sport of #motocross . These #riders #racers are from the surrounding areas of @westernraceway We are debating whether or not to run a full open practice Thursday 12-27 or not. I know this is opening a #can of worms but we would like some feed back by commenting below.

Open Practice Saturday 12-22

All #tracks will be open this Saturday 12-22-18. 8am to 1pm NV time, 9am to 2pm AZ time. $30 #riders . $5 #spectators . If you have ridden @westernraceway in the last three weeks chances are there was a photo of you taken by @goodartphotos go check out her Instagram and click on her link to see them.

Thank you Jillian for taking the time to take such good #motocross #motorcycle photos at #westernraceway .

Open Practice 12-16 @ 8am PT

– This Sunday 12-16-18 all #tracks will be open 8am to 1pm NV time, 9am to 2pm AZ time. $30 #riders $5 #spectators.

Pictures were taken by @goodartphotos these are just some of the vet #motocross #races that are from the surrounding area helping keep #dirtbikes and the sport alive!

Open Practice 11.17.18 Saturday 8am PT

We will be open this Saturday 11-17-18 8am to 1pm NV time, 9am to 2pm AZ time. For #motocross #motorcycle practice. The Instagram video shows @jwall907 on the #4stroke and @394beadle on the 125 #2stroke #jumping the same obstacle as the last post. In no way do we recommend #riders trying this if you are not willing to accept the possible consequences as this was not built with the intentions of it being a double and it is not a faster #race line.

Open Practice 11.11.18 8am-1pm PT

We will be open sunday 11-11-18, Nevada time 8am to 1pm, — Arizona time 9am to 2pm. #motocross #motorcycle practice on the intermediate #track , Vet and kids #tracks only. The Main track will NOT be open for practice. $30 for #riders, $5 #spectators.

Open Practice 10/28 8am-1pm

– We will be open this Sunday 10-28-18 for open #motocross #motorcycle practice 8am to 1pm on the intermediate #track, kids #tracks. $30 #riders $5 #spectators —– —–

@jakeweimer12 training camp has a new price and you will have the choice of taking a one day class or two at $200 per day! Go to his website and get all of the info you will need. He will be working on all aspects of efficiently #riding and #racing a #motorcycle @pulpmx Steve Matthes will be involved as well.