Open Practice 10/13

All tracks are open Sunday 10-13-19, 8am to 1pm. $30 riders $5. Spectators. The main track is planned to have more obstacles added after this weekend. We hope to have it ready by mid week next week and have a week day practice before the #supercross futures race. We plan to be open Saturday october 19, *** race on October 26th. Classes will be predetermined in a schedule the week before the race.*** video of and by @chriscooksey61 @imtravismarx @

Open Practice 10/5

– We have the Main track, Intermediate track, Vet track and Kids track open for #motorcycle #motocross practice Saturday 10-5-19, $30 riders and $5 spectators.*********************************************** *****— main has some changes to the layout and the intermediate track has been reversed and slight changes to layout please roll the first few laps to get used to the changes. RIDE WITH IN YOUR ABILITIES and have a fun safe day.<************************************************** Reminder we are having a race October 26, running a traditional motocross race, two moto format. Depending on the class you sign up for, you will either race on the intermediate or main track and we will try to be done with all motos between 1pm or 2pm or earlier. If anyone can make a fly please DM me asap.

Open Practice Sunday ☀️

We are open Sunday 8am to 1pm for #motocross #motorcycle practice. $30 #riders and $5 spectators. We had originally planned to be open Saturday the 28th but due to the 30 mph wind predictions it is not safe to run a practice that day. We apologize to those of you that had planned to ride on that day, safety first.

Open Practice

Open #motocross #motorcycle practice Saturday 9-21-19 from 8am to 1pm $30 riders $5 spectators. Cash only. *** we are not open sunday. *** We will be open saturday 9-28-19 (weather permitting). On Sunday 9-29 we will start working on changing the track layouts and will reopen all of three of the big tracks the first weekend in October. Photo by @imtravismarx

Open Practice Saturday 9/14

– We are open Saturday 9-14-19, 7am to 12 noon for #motocross #motorcycle practice on the summer track, vet track and kids #track $30 riders $5 spectators. Sunday 9-15-19 MX training with @buckelewmotocrosscoach 8am to 1pm. Please contact Justin to sign up as it is limited to 10 riders.

Open Practice Labor Day Weekend

We are open both Saturday and Sunday for labor day weekend. 6am to 11am for #motorcycle #motocross practice. $30 riders $5 spectators. Cash only. Contact @kellyyanceymxtraining to sign up for there training classes while we are having open practice.

Open Practice Sunday 8/11

– We are open Sunday 8-11-19 for #motorcycle #motocross practice $30 riders, $5 spectators. We will not be open Saturday due to the weather predictions calling for high winds. We will not be open next Wednesday to give us a chance to try and do some nessasary equipment repairs. Picture is of @tj_681

Open Practice Saturday 8/3

@westernraceway Open Saturday 8-3-19, 6am to 11am on the summer track, vet and kids #tracks for #motorcycle #motocross practice. $30 riders $5 spectators. ***Reminder we are open tomorrow Wednesday 7-31-19, 630am to 11am. *** the weather predictions for both days are looking great!