Open Practice 6-16-18 @ 6am

We will have open #motocross practice this Saturday 6-16-18 on the intermediate #trackand kids track only. Gates open at 6am #riders will be flagged off at 12 noon. $25 riders $5 spectator

Open Practice Saturday 6-9-18

We will have open #motocross practice this Saturday 6-9-18 on the intermediate #trackand kids track only. Gates open at 6am #riders will be flagged off at 12 noon. $25 #rider $5 spectator .


Open Practice June 2 @ 7am-12noon

SATURDAY OPEN PRACTICE 5/19/18 7am-12noon

SATURDAY OPEN PRACTICE 5/19/18 7am-12noon at Western Raceway.  The kids and the intermediate track ONLY.  The main and vet will NOT be open.  $25 riders, $5 spectators.  As the temperature warms up we will have to make a decision to either take a summer break or try to push through the heat, time will tell as this is our first year open.  We will not be open Sunday 5/20/18. 

Saturday Practice 7am-12

Saturday SATURDAY!! 5/12/3018 7am-12noon $25 for riders $5 for spectators. Intermediate and kids track ONLY will be open. The main and vet tracks will NOT be open this Saturday it’s just too hard to keep water on every track at once. We will not be open 5/13/18 Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful moms whom without, none of this would be possible. Thank you moms! And big shout out to all who supported the pulpMX Michelin ride day it was a blast!!

Open Practice 5/6/2018 8am-1pm

The Pulp MX show is hosting this Sunday at Western Raceway a Michelin Motorcycle Ride day! If you have a pair of Star Cross 5 tires on your bike (front and rear) you can ride for free. Michelin tires will cover your entry fee!

This Sunday we are open for the last open practice of the season. After this Sunday we are switching to a summer schedule, which means we will be open earlier in the morning and be only running one big track so stay tuned for those details to come.

Open Practice Sunday 4/29/18 @ 7am-12noon

Western Raceway will be open this Sunday 4/29 from 7:00am to 12:00pm for Motocross practice on the kids, vet, intermediate and main tracks.  Note the time change! Last week we had a hard time keeping water down on all of the tracks.  As it gets warmer we will need to adjust our times and make a decision on whether to start to close some of the tracks and not run them all on the same day.

May 6th we are doing a PulpMXshow Ride day with Michelin Motorcycle.  If you have a set of Michelin Star Cross 5 tires (front and rear) they will pay for your entry for the day and you will be able to ride the track they are exclusively using for the day.  After 5/6/18 we will be going to a summer schedule as we figure out what will work best and will be posted soon.  We are considering opening Saturdays, and possibly a Wednesday but keep checking the website and social media for updates as we make the Summer Schedule.  Thank you!