Rider Safety

Safety is a top priority to us! If you have any safety concerns, please do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of the our staff.

Rules for Everyone

  • Riders AND spectators are required to sign waiver at front gate. No person may enter without signing waiver
  • No alcohol or any controlled substances
  • Everyone should practice good sportsmanship, riders and spectators alike.
  • No heavy mechanical work at track. No oil changes, removal of anti-freeze, etc.
  • Spectators are not allowed to enter track and MUST stay behind designated fence.
  • Pit riding – First Gear, idle speed of 5 miles per hour maximum at all times in the pit, spectator, parking, etc. areas. We DO NOT allow fast or aggressive riding in the pits. If you are caught riding fast or without gear, you will be asked to leave the park and not be given a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please clean up before you leave. The Pack it in/ pack it out mentality will help keep our costs low. We do have garbage bins located on property if needed.
  • Friendly Dogs are welcome. All dogs are required to be on leashes at all times.

General Rider Rules

  • Riders are required to wear full gear. Full gear includes: motocross boots, pants, jersey, gloves, helmet, and goggles. Adults are not required to wear chest protectors but are but are recommended. Minors are required to wear chest protectors
  • Nerf bars are required for ATVs. All ATVs must have a tether cord kill switch.
  • Ride within your means and ability. Hold your line on track, no stopping in middle of track, on or after jumps.
  • Follow instructions received from flaggers and track officials while riding.
    If a flag is displayed, you will respectively abide by rules of displayed flag.
  • BLACK AND WHITE RACE FLAG – Will be used in practices to signify that everyone will need to exit the track (typically for a watering break). Once you pass the flagger, Please leave the track at the next nearest track exit.
  • YELLOW FLAG – Means caution – slow down and do not jump until you pass incident. If a standing yellow flag is exhibited, ride with caution and slow down until you pass incident.
  • RED FLAG – If a red flag is exhibited, there has likely been an injury and you must slow down, do not jump, and exit track at normal exit (unless directed by official to exit at alternative location).
  • WHITE FLAG WITH CROSS – If a white flag with red cross is exhibited, an ambulance or paramedics are on track and you must slow down, not jump, and exit track at normal exit (unless directed by official to exit at alternative location)
  • BLACK FLAG – If a black flag is pointed at you, safely exit track immediately and see official.

Pee Wee Track Rules

  • Pee Wee bikes only on the Pee Wee track
  • Riders must be 4 yrs old or older
  • Riders are required to wear full gear. Full gear includes: motocross boots, pants, jersey, gloves, helmet, and goggles and chest protector.
  • Parents are responsible for monitoring their children on the Pee Wee track. NO CHILD may ride on the Pee Wee track WITHOUT A PARENT PRESENT AND WATCHING

SXS Rules and Requirements

  • Full personal safety gear must be worn to include:
    1. Fire retardant suits must be worn that cover from neck to ankles.
    2. Helmets, gloves, goggles racing shoes or boots.
    3. Motorcycle type race gear will NOT be allowed as it is extremely flammable.
  • All factory suspension a-arm, trailing arm pivot points must remain in stock location.
  • Nitrous or any other pressurization/injection type system will not be allowed.
  • All vehicles must have a fire extinguisher and or automatic fire extinguishing systems with two nozzles one facing the driver and one facing the engine. Must be readily accessible to the driver. Must be mounted with a quick release type mechanism.
  • Aftermarket well-built roll cages made for racing are recommended. No factory stock roll cages will be allowed. Factory cages will only be allowed if modified/reinforced and tied into rear bumper/frame at two points. Gusseting of the factory cage is highly encouraged.
  • Metal roof panels are required.
  • Lockable side protection doors must be mounted in a way as to not be able to pop open. Factory doors with secondary locking mechanism are approved.
  • Driver & Passenger side nets or hand restraints are required.
  • 2” wide, 5 (five) point restraint system for both driver and occupant are required. The 5 (five) point system must include an antisubmarine belt that is at least 2” wide.
  • Certified head restraint system certified by SFI or FIA
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