Open Practice Sunday 4/29/18 @ 7am-12noon

Western Raceway will be open this Sunday 4/29 from 7:00am to 12:00pm for Motocross practice on the kids, vet, intermediate and main tracks.  Note the time change! Last week we had a hard time keeping water down on all of the tracks.  As it gets warmer we will need to adjust our times and make a decision on whether to start to close some of the tracks and not run them all on the same day.

May 6th we are doing a PulpMXshow Ride day with Michelin Motorcycle.  If you have a set of Michelin Star Cross 5 tires (front and rear) they will pay for your entry for the day and you will be able to ride the track they are exclusively using for the day.  After 5/6/18 we will be going to a summer schedule as we figure out what will work best and will be posted soon.  We are considering opening Saturdays, and possibly a Wednesday but keep checking the website and social media for updates as we make the Summer Schedule.  Thank you!

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